Thursday, January 8, 2015

Kitchen Designs

(BPT) - Every new year brings along new design trends, with homeowners often feeling the pressure to mix up their kitchen interiors to keep things current. But the truth is, when embarking on any renovation project, incorporating more timeless (and less Some people rely on Pinterest, others just have an eye for style. Jill Anderson is the latter. The Pasadena native who got her interior design certification through Scottsdale Community College has made a career out of curating other peoples' homes through Modiani Kitchens, the New Jersey based kitchen design company, has designed and implemented a brand new kitchen in a new architecture home in Bridgehampton, NY. Modiani Kitchens, the New Jersey based kitchen design company, has designed and implemented a Sektion was developed to give customers more flexibility in their design process while sticking with what was so great about the Akurum. 1 of 52 Both the Akurum and Sektion are installed with a wall-mounted rail system, but the Sektion linehas a modular When you're living in less than 200 square feet, every inch counts. But small square footage doesn't have to mean missing out on comforts typical of larger homes, like storage and guest space. You just just have to be a little more creative. "If you don't Counter space is some of the most precious real estate in your entire house. Not only do you need room to cook, but often counters act as extra storage for everyday tools and ingredients. Here's how to stretch every inch out of them, while creating a .

Custom Designs by Kabinet Pro in Georgetown knows the attraction to a dramatic stone countertop for a kitchen or bathroom remodel but how do you decide what type of stone is best suited to your design? Quartz and Granite both offer durable, beautiful Cupboards and the door spaces and window spaces can be worked about throughout the design of the kitchen. The marking has to be precise for the plumbing and electrical supplies to be found. The plumbing and electric supply points could be transferred in Questions made kitchen, bath designer better Barbara Kochie owns Barbara Kochie Designs LLC, a kitchen and bath design company in Brick. Check out this story on WINSTED >> The one-time Kelly’s Kitchen, a long-time eatery located at 438 Main St., has recently undergone a transformation. Now, it has become NOSH, at the behest of owners Kelly and Bob McCarthy. “After ten-plus years in this location, we just .

Amazing Unique Kitchen Designs 572 x 425 · 42 kB · jpeg
Amazing Unique Kitchen Designs

Remarkable Dark Wood Kitchen 500 x 750 · 57 kB · jpeg
Remarkable Dark Wood Kitchen

Great Classic Kitchen Design 600 x 584 · 62 kB · jpeg
Great Classic Kitchen Design

Outstanding Wood Kitchens Designs 1100 x 700 · 220 kB · jpeg
Outstanding Wood Kitchens Designs

Top Modern Kitchen Interior Design 876 x 1000 · 142 kB · jpeg
Top Modern Kitchen Interior Design

Impressive Kitchen Interior Design 588 x 469 · 88 kB · jpeg
Impressive Kitchen Interior Design

Perfect Luxury Kitchen Cabinets 550 x 412 · 66 kB · jpeg
Perfect Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Magnificent Kitchen Layout Planner 875 x 902 · 68 kB · jpeg
Magnificent Kitchen Layout Planner

Fabulous Black Kitchen Designs 630 x 354 · 144 kB · jpeg
Fabulous Black Kitchen Designs

Stunning Small Space Kitchen Tables 550 x 391 · 114 kB · jpeg
Stunning Small Space Kitchen Tables

Incredible U-shaped Kitchen Designs 550 x 440 · 43 kB · jpeg
Incredible U-shaped Kitchen Designs

Excellent Florida Design Kitchens 673 x 443 · 69 kB · jpeg
Excellent Florida Design Kitchens

Very Best Kitchen Backsplashes Ideas 628 x 484 · 75 kB · jpeg
Very Best Kitchen Backsplashes Ideas

Brilliant Kitchen Bar 2247 x 902 · 1159 kB · jpeg
Brilliant Kitchen Bar

Wonderful Outdoor Kitchen Designs 1200 x 917 · 1030 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Outdoor Kitchen Designs

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